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Book Launch: 19 Desires and One Belief by Angela Brennan, NGV Art Book Fair

19 Desires and One Belief by Angela Brennan presents a non-exhaustive slice of the artist’s practice, spanning three decades, that continues 3-ply’s interest in the monograph as artist book. The monograph includes textual contributions from Jan Bryant, Justin Clemens, Mitch Cairns, Melissa Deerson, Michael Graf, Elizabeth Newman, Lisa Radford, and Georgina Sambell. The texts are dispersed amongst an array of images arranged non-periodically, sequenced to reflect a circuitous approach to practice. Angela Brennan has conceived of this monograph as a vehicle to decontextualize the works, liberating them from previous frameworks in which they have been presented to open new atemporal readings and crosscurrents.

The book launch will take place at the NGV Art Book Fair 2019 in Melbourne. The event will include a discussion of Angela Brennan’s practice by Dr Kyla McFarlane, a discussion of how the design process honoured and extended the vision of the monograph as a medium for artistic practice by Lucy Russell, and brief reflections from Angela Brennan.

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to Sep 22

Reader in Residence, The People's Library

As part of A Published Event's 3-week long performance library (Sep 7 – 30) in the Long Gallery, at Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, The People’s Library is hosting three Readers in Residence, each to immerse themselves in the holdings of The People’s Library. The Readers in Residence will play a critical role in ‘digesting’ The People’s Library, drawing on the model of the Ancient Library of Alexandria, where celebrated scholars were invited to research the library’s holdings and in return for the months they stayed at the library, were asked in return was to create a ‘digest’. This digest then became the library to which others were given access, as most people were not given access to the original texts as the scholars were. It was perhaps the first artists’ residency.

3-ply has been invited as one of the Readers in Residence, and to share the experience through a public platform/ forum/ discussion/ activation at the Gallery or surrounds.

From the many pamphlets, catalogue cards and other narratives contributed to the 3-week long event, A Published Event will produce a Digest, an iterative and generative exhibition catalogue. The Digest will gather, assemble and hold together a set of social relations created by the occasion of The People’s Library; a mutating knowledge through many voices and actions might come to speak in a productive, contested, political space – always in the making.

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