EXTRA-TEXT: Prologue

3-ply approaches distribution as an experimental, discursive platform; an opportunity to explore how performative aspects of readership, authorship, editing, and translation can leverage the translation, mutation, criticism, and dispersal of texts. Sites for distribution interventions have included exhibitions, book fairs, bookcases, archives, and permanent and temporary bookstores and libraries.

In exhibition settings, 3-ply has operated as a shifting collaborative. Exhibitions include: Tarrawarra Biennial: Endless Circulation, Healesville, Australia, 2016; Habits and customs of _______ are so different from ours..., KADIST, Paris, France, 2016; Beyond Exhausted, The Physics Room, Christchurch, Aotearoa/NZ, 2016; 3rd Ural Industrial Biennial, Yekaterinburg, Russia 2015; Just as Money is the Paper, the Gallery is the Room, Osage Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2015.

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